Leather Money Clip, with brass insert to securely hold your cash - shown in Chestnut, Black, Tobacco and Red colors. Available monogrammed for a touch of personalization.
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Our Money Clip is a favorite for many of our customers!  A great way to hold your cash and credit cards and a perfect gift for anyone that doesn't like to carry a standard wallet. 

Leather inside and out with a brass clip in the center to securely hold your cash. When folded over, there are pockets on both sides to hold credit cards, identification, insurance and all the other things normally found in a wallet. With the included monogram, this is a gift that will be appreciated for decades! We've seen these that have been carried for years and the pockets have expanded to accommodate more than a dozen credit cards in each pocket!

Outside Cover - 4.25" Long x 2.75" Wide 

Note: Only 3 letters are allowed for monogramming due to size!  

Made from the very finest Top Grain Bridle Leather.

Available in Chestnut, Black and Tobacco colors.

Money Clips

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