Add a personal touch to your product with a monogram.  Personalization makes gift giving so special, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation or any other special occasion!  A gift well remembered that will last a lifetime!  

Blind Deboss

Blind deboss is a no color or foil.  This is a classic look that is simply burned into your leather product.  

Silver or Gold Foil Deboss

Want to add a classy look, go with the gold or silver foil deboss.  The foil looks great on the darker leather colors and can be done on any of our leather products! 

Laser Engrave

The laser etches into the leather creating a different and classy look. We do not recommend engraving on black or really dark colored leathers, since the engraving does not stand out.  All other leather colors allow the engraving to show up as well as it does on the lighter leather colors. 


If you would like to use a logo or artwork, we can assist you in having a branding die made.  There is a onetime charge of $80 for each die.  Hot stamped images can vary in intensity on each individual product due to the inconsistencies that occur in natural leather. Hides may also vary slightly in color.

Process for Personalization

You can place your initials, name or logo on almost all of our products. We use what is known as a “hot stamp” machine.  In other words, we “brand” the leather with a magnesium die that has been heated to about 350 degrees. This makes for a long lasting, durable, and good looking product. If you have a preference as to where your name or initials are placed, please call or e-mail us. Final determination of placement will be made by West Leather if there are no instructions or there are limiting factors.  We welcome special requests so please call us to discuss the details.

Quantity Discounts

Please contact our sales office (303-923-8123) for more information and quantity discount pricing!

 Thanks for your business and have a great day!